Pike fishing on Eonish Lake

Written by islandhse on March 15th, 2009
Pike fishing on Eonish Lake

Pike fishing on Eonish Lake

Welcome to our website blog page. This is our first blog.
The photograph shows pike fishing from boats on Eonish Lake in front of Island House, last autumn.

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  1. Dominik Marte says:

    hi Eva & Ivor,
    nice website, congratulations!
    You’re living in the most lovely place for pike fishing and I am really looking forward to my next stay this autumn in your place. Have a good time & best wishes
    Dominik (Germany, Black Forrest)

  2. Anne-Marine Feat says:

    I love the new website… The photos are gorgeous! Makes me want to be in Eonish right now.
    Love to all, AM

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